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The TAG brand of Boldcastify is where we let out our inter geek and always keep an eye to the future as the 3rd decade of this century will undoubtedly be a technologically defining one and we want to be right there for the journey.

Video games have redefined our culture and have been part of the fabric of our society since Generation X and will be into Generation Next.

Even though Mario has changed quite eight times over 35 years, games still bond and teach us more about ourselves than we knew.

Image by Hello I'm Nik 🍌

Geeks, Id say the word speaks for itself. 

Whoever will argue if Han shot first, which Captain of the Enterprise is genuinely superior, and which of the Enterprises is the most prominent? These Debates that only so many folks will grasp and choose to undertake.

We are the ones that love the future tech that develops daily and the intriguing innovations that get us closer to the world we dreamt of as kids. We are one of the last generations to remember the world without handheld internet and even before it was in every home. Yet, cinema showed us self-driving/talking cars, Flying cars running on fusion, cyborgs, and AI, which were self-aware, and of course, to Boldly Go and let us not forget the Real Hoverboard, not that trash with wheels. 


So keep an eye to the future, unless your inner geek, perfect you gaming skill, and most importantly have fun.

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