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This a look into Boldcastify Today!

This name should speak for itself, and We want to create an open-source daily user-friendly blogging platform to complement the rest of Boldcastify. It's another way we look to engage with visitors and network. We will continue focusing on blogging about subjects listed in the categories, brands, and opinions. We look for expressionism in words.

Think, Speak, Live, Bold for Duval.

Brands of the Boldcastify Media Co.

Boldcastify Network

Boldcastify brand - Company news, General news, breaking bold, updates, and transactions

Boldcastify Just Jax - Simply the same as the mothership, just 100% Local and Jax.

Boldcastify Podcast - Podcast news and podcast information.

Brews of the Bold - Craft Brewery and industry news in the 904 and beyond.

Taste of the Bold - Restaurant news, tasty reviews, and In-person tastings in the greater northeast Florida area

Boldcastify Tech & Games - Tech and Gaming reviews with more deep dives into new technologies.

Boldcastify Events - calendar for upcoming area events.

Boldcastify Politics - Takes on local and national politics.

Boldcastify EPM - Entertainment, Pop Culture, and More.

Boldcastify Sports Group -

Boldcastify Sports - Local sports, National Sports, NFL & of course, the Teal Black & Bold.

Boldcastify College Series - Collegiate Sports, focusing on Florida State, ACC, B1G, SEC, and Pac 12 After Dark.

Boldcastify Sports - Tampa Bay Local Sports, National Sports, NFL, Bucs, and Lighting.

Boldcastify Sports Adrenaline will consist of automotive reviews, local outdoor activities, and the marina & fishing forecast.

Ringnomics ( Sports Entertainment)

Boldcastify Afterhours

Bolder Side of Nonsense - 3rd Shift, after-hours for the Boldcastify Network and the flagship of Boldcastify Afterhours.

The Florida Man in the night.

Fantastic Pour - The Afterhours Spirit brand highlights some area nightlife, local distilleries, and unique drinks around North Florida.

News of The Weird - all the weird and wild highlights from around the country.

Beyond the Bold -

Be Bold Jax - For making a better 9oh4 - The greener side of Boldcastify

Boldcastify Brand Apparel - Apparel for the bold folks of the Bold City


Boldcastify Business

Just Jax

Teal, Black, and Bold ( Boldcastify Sports)

Jax Sports

Small Business Spotlight

Politics Blue


Bay Sports

Bold Opinions

News of The Weird ( nonsense )

Duval History (Just Jax)

Ringnomics ( Sports Entertainment )

Politics Red



College Sports

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